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Barbara Lee
NBC Bay Area, September 25, 2012
Dozens of people gathered in downtown Oakland where Congresswoman Barbara Lee led a Voter Registration rally outside the Alameda County Registrar of Voters. READ MORE
Politico, September 6, 2012
"Right now we have got to focus on having a leadership team in place so we can support the president to get back on the right track." READ MORE
ABC 7, September 5, 2012
"I think Michelle Obama in her brilliance really laid it out" READ MORE
Bay News 9, September 5, 2012
"We believe we are bound together by a shared set of ideals and values rooted in the notion that together we can overcome the greatest challenges that come our way. We stand for an economy that's built not from the top down but from the middle out and that provides opportunity for those aspiring to join the middle class. And we make ending poverty a national priority." READ MORE
The Wall Street Journal, September 4, 2012
"Our platform states that America faces a clear choice: move forward as a nation where everyone has the chance to get ahead, or go back to the same failed ideas that created the crisis in the first place. We will move forward, not backward." READ MORE
Ebony, August 16, 2012
Rep. Barbara Lee has introduced the landmark "REPEAL HIV Discrimination Act" which calls for the review of all federal and state laws and regulations regarding "the criminal prosecution of individuals for HIV-related offenses." READ MORE
The Advocate, July 9, 2012
Democratic senators Daniel Akaka of Hawaii, John Kerry of Massachusetts, and Patty Murray of Washington and California Representative Barbara Lee are the most supportive Congress members when it comes to gay rights, according to Think Progress. READ MORE
care2, July 4, 2012
Rep. Lee said, "Testing is one of the most crucial and effective tools we have in responding to the AIDS epidemic. The only way to eliminate stigma in our communities is by getting informed and knowing your status." READ MORE
ThinkProgress, July 3, 2012
An eighth-term representative from the Bay Area, Lee authored the proposed Real Education for Healthy Youth Act of 2011 (an LGBT-inclusive sex education bill) and the Health Equity and Accountability Act of 2011 (a bill to improve tracking of health data for LGBT people and other minority groups). She is listed as a co-sponsor on 21 other proposals including measures to ban employment discrimin... READ MORE
Oakland Post, July 2, 2012
Congresswoman Barbara Lee (CA-09) announced this week that the Port of Oakland will be awarded a $15 million TIGER grant by the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) to modernize the Port's ship-to-rail exchange capacity... The project will enhance the port's reputation as a shipping gateway to the Asia-Pacific by modernizing transfer infrastructure, reducing emissions and significantly increasing the port's efficiency and competitiveness. READ MORE
Windy City Times, June 19, 2012
Congresswoman Barbara Lee, Former High Court Judge Michael Kirby, Dr. Kevin Fenton, and Jamaican Activist Maurice Tomlinson to join more than 600 experts from around the world... READ MORE
KTVU, June 15, 2012
Obama's announcement included a call on national legislators to pass the DREAM Act, which would provide a path to citizenship for undocumented people brought to the country as a child. Obama's action could affect nearly 800,000 young immigrants, said Lee. "I will continue to fight for, and urge my colleagues to pass, the DREAM Act so that we can provide these young people who came to America and excelled the full range of opportunities they have earned." READ MORE
USA Today, June 10, 2012
"Ten years later and $533 billion spent on the war in Afghanistan, it remains clear there is no military solution," said Rep. Barbara Lee, D-Calif. "The American people have made it clear that the war is no longer worth fighting. ... It is past time for our policy to catch up with the American people." READ MORE
Oakland Post, June 9, 2012
Lee addressed the roundtable participants, whose unemployment benefits were expiring, stating that she will continue to fight to extend their support. Lee said, "In this recovering economy, we should not be cutting benefits. Recipients need more weeks of assistance, not less." READ MORE
U.S. Congress District 13, June 6, 2012
Preliminary results from the June 5th primary election show Congresswoman Barbara Lee outpacing her opponents. Barbara Lee received 81.5% of the vote, the highest percentage posted by any Member of Congress in a competitive congressional race in California. READ MORE
Oakland Post, June 2, 2012
Congresswoman Barbara Lee recently toured LifeLong Medical Care in Berkley, celebrating a $1.1 million grant the center has received under the Affordable Care Act to support an innovative program to reduce the need for emergency room and hospital visits for more than 3,200 seniors and other low-income adults with disabilities. READ MORE
ThinkProgress, May 30, 2012
...presumptive GOP nominee Mitt Romney's campaign attacked the administration for trying to have an honest discussion of the possible consequences of a military strike. Now, three Members of Congress -- Reps. John Conyers (D-MI), Keith Ellison (D-MN), and Barbara Lee (D-CA) -- are introducing an amendment to an intelligence authorization bill that would demand a government report about the possible consequences of an attack. READ MORE
San Jose Mercury News, May 25, 2012
Keeping elderly and disabled people out of hospital emergency rooms for preventable ailments is the aim of a $1.1 million federal grant awarded to a Berkeley clinic as part of President Barack Obama's Affordable Care Act. U.S. Rep. Barbara Lee...attended an event at LifeLong on Friday to announce the awards. READ MORE
Huffington Post, May 23, 2012
When President Bush launched a "global war on terror" and a massive military build-up following the crimes of September 11th, few Americans questioned his response. Congressperson Barbara Lee was a lonely voice and the sole vote against the Authorization for the Use of Military Force. Last Thursday, Barbara Lee no longer stood alone, as 112 of her colleagues voted for her amendment to immediately and safely withdraw U.S. forces from Afghanistan. READ MORE
Politico, May 17, 2012
The main event: An amendment by Rep. Barbara Lee (D-Calif.) that would end the war in Afghanistan. House leaders have reserved 20 minutes for that debate - twice as long as any of the other amendments. READ MORE