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The Real War on Christmas: The War on the Poor
Huffington Post, December 24, 2013

January 8 will be the 50th anniversary of the War on Poverty, and it's time for us to redouble our efforts to lift everyone out of poverty: children, elderly, new immigrants, communities of color, and those struggling to find a job. That's my hope this Christmas season. READ MORE

23,000 Local Residents Will Lose Unemployment Benefits, says Congresswoman Lee
Oakland Local, December 20, 2013

Congresswoman Barbara Lee visited Oakland's Private Industry Council's Career Center at 1212 Broadway in Oakland on Thursday morning to show her support to 23,000 local residents whose unemployment benefits not being extended. Congressional Republicans refused to back the extension, saying it would cost the country $26 billion over two years. Now more than 1.3 million Americans nationally will be without an income. READ MORE

Mandela: My Witness to Greatness
Huffington Post, December 13, 2013

Throughout my 30 years of public service, I have had the privilege to travel throughout the world and meet and work with many heads of state and liberation movement leaders. There is no trip that will be as memorable and impactful as my most recent one to South Africa as part of the official delegation to President Mandela's memorial service. It was a truly humbling experience. It was one that ... READ MORE

Our Shared Responsibility in Ending AIDS
Huffington Post, December 2, 2013

The ultimate goal of the end of AIDS, an AIDS-free generation, is achievable, if we remain committed to funding treatment and prevention programs, provide comprehensive sexual education to young people around the world, and continue to make AIDS funding a priority in Congress while searching for a cure and vaccine. READ MORE

Oakland Celebrates Army Base Redevelopment
Oakland Tribune, November 1, 2013

The city's bid to restore a "working waterfront" took a big leap forward Friday as construction officially began on a $500 million project to transform much of the long-shuttered Oakland Army Base into a logistics and warehousing center. READ MORE

Shirley Chisholm Gets a Stamp of Approval
New York Times, October 10, 2013

The U.S. Postal Service announced that it would print a stamp recognizing Shirley Chisholm, the first black woman to serve in Congress and the first woman to seek the Democratic presidential nomination....Rep. Barbara Lee, Democrat of CA, had lobbied for the stamp since 2005, the year Ms. Chisholm died at 80. "Shirley Chisholm was a trailblazer, a beacon and a champion, and I would not be here today as a member of Congress if it were not for her guidance, inspiration and example," said Lee. READ MORE

President Obama Summons Congressional Leaders to Discuss Shutdown Stalemate
PBS NewsHour, October 2, 2013

On the House floor, California's Barbara Lee, said, "Instead of working on a serious option to reopen the government, Republicans' latest strategy now -- and this is really cynical -- that's to exploit our veterans and to exploit the people of the District of Columbia by voting on piecemeal bills that will not end impacts of a shutdown that extend across the country." (VIDEO) READ MORE

Rep. Barbara Lee working to advance UN's goals
SF Chronicle, September 29, 2013

Since 1945, the United Nations has been facilitating peace, global accountability, and fostering the commitment to a shared future, and for its 68th session of the General Assembly last week, the agenda was no different. I was pleased to attend the General Assembly as a representative of the United States. READ MORE

Oakland gets $4.5 million to hire more cops
SF Chronicle, September 17, 2013

The U.S. Department of Justice awarded Oakland $4.5 million Tuesday to hire 10 police officers, bolstering a force that has struggled to battle rising violent crime while decimated by cuts. The city - which has one of the nation's most understaffed police departments, according to government data released this week - received the most money among 263 cities and counties across the nation that w... READ MORE

Obama nominates Barbara Lee as a U.S. representative to U.N. General Assembly
San Jose Mercury News, September 10, 2013

President Barack Obama on Tuesday nominated Rep. Barbara Lee to be a U.S. representative to the 68th Session of the United Nations General Assembly -- even as Lee helps rally opposition to Obama's proposed military strike on Syria. If her nomination is confirmed by the U.S. Senate, Lee, D-Oakland, will continue to represent her House district while assuming the new duties in the U.N. session that starts Sept. 17. READ MORE

New antiwar plan emerges for Syria: Leader details urgent crusade
Salon, September 9, 2013

Rep. Barbara Lee was the lone member of Congress to vote against authorizing George W. Bush to strike Afghanistan in the wake of 9/11. Now, by all accounts, she's on the side of the majority when it comes to the question of military strikes against Syria to punish Bashar Assad for violating international law and using chemical weapons. READ MORE

A liberal alternative to war in Syria?
Washington Post, September 9, 2013

As early as tomorrow, I'm told, House liberals will introduce their own resolution on Syria that would call on the United States to exhaust all diplomatic efforts to reach a negotiated political solution to the Syrian conflict... A draft of the measure, which will be introduced by Dem Rep. Barbara Lee, a staunch opponent of intervention, is currently being circulated among House Dems, aides tell me. READ MORE

The Making of the Left's Antiwar Voice on Syria
National Journal, September 9, 2013

Once she received death threats for her antiwar politics. Now the rest of the country is beginning to catch up with Berkeley's Barbara Lee. READ MORE

Rep. Lee: Congress wants to debate, vote on Syria
Andrea Mitchell Reports, August 30, 2013

Bipartisan pressure in Congress is increasing for President Barack Obama to seek authorization for any military strike in Syria. Rep. Barbara Lee, D-Calif., shares her thoughts on the situation. READ MORE

Some US Lawmakers Demand Congressional Approval on Syria
Voice of America, August 27, 2013

WASHINGTON -- Some U.S. lawmakers are calling on President Barack Obama to seek congressional approval before authorizing any military strikes in Syria in response to alleged chemical weapon attacks by President Bashar al-Assad....Representative Barbara Lee (D-Calif.) said there is no military solution to the crisis in Syria and is calling for robust Congressional debate before any U.S. military action is taken. READ MORE

The National HIV/AIDS Strategy: Time for Recommitment to Ending AIDS in America
Huffington Post, August 22, 2013

When President Obama took office in 2009, America had been neglecting its domestic HIV/AIDS epidemic for many years. The media and many policy makers' attention had largely shifted to global AIDS and away from an epidemic at home characterized by chronic, high rates of HIV infection, disturbing racial disparities, and an uncoordinated response. Three years after the President released his National HIV/AIDS Strategy, the prospects for tackling AIDS in America have improved dramatically. READ MORE

Lawmakers denounce NSA privacy violations, call for answers
Washington Post, August 16, 2013

Lawmakers on Friday were quick to express their dismay over the thousands of privacy violations committed by the National Security Agency in recent years. READ MORE

The True Poverty Experts
Moyers & Co., August 9, 2013

Congressman Paul Ryan recently said that Republicans "don't have a full-fledged" plan to fight poverty "because we need to do more listening to people who are in the trenches fighting poverty." He had the perfect opportunity to do just that....California Democratic Congresswoman Barbara Lee requested that he allow Tianna Gaines-Turner to testify. READ MORE

Rep. Lee on NSA: "We do not want to go back" to McCarthy era
CBS News, August 1, 2013

Rep. Barbara Lee, D-Calif., explains her concerns with domestic surveillance and why she voted for the Amash amendment that would have restricted the government's surveillance authority. [VIDEO] READ MORE

East Bay organizations receive federal grants to combat veteran homelessness
Oakland Tribune, July 19, 2013

Three East Bay organizations will receive a total of more than $3 million in federal grants to help combat veteran homelessness. Congresswoman Barbara Lee, D-Oakland, announced Wednesday that three organizations will receive a total of $3,029,906 in federal grants from the U.S. Veterans Affairs' Supportive Services for Veteran Families program. The organizations include the Berkeley Food and... READ MORE

Back Off DC Women Already
ACLU, July 18, 2013

Yesterday, a House committee voted down an amendment offered by Rep. Mike Quigley (D-Ill.) and Rep. Barbara Lee (D-Calif.) that would have allowed the District of Columbia to use its own local funds to pay for abortion care for low-income women. READ MORE

Congresswoman Barbara Lee Reacts to Violence Following Zimmerman Verdict
KTVU, July 15, 2013

Congresswoman Barbara Lee said the protests in Oakland and elsewhere must remain peaceful. "We have to remember Dr. King's message of non-violence. Violence begets violence..... It's incumbent upon us in a democracy to protest, to exercise our First Amendment rights and to cry for justice." (VIDEO) READ MORE

Social Work Caucus Chair Barbara Lee Scores Another Legislative Victory
Social Justice Solutions, July 10, 2013

Congressional Social Work Caucus Chair Rep. Barbara Lee (D-CA13) joined with House colleagues Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA28) and Mike Quigley (D-IL5) recently to successfully shepherd an amendment through the House Appropriations Committee that added $3 million in funding for the Housing Opportunities for Persons with AIDS (HOPWA) program. READ MORE

Black Lawmakers Push President to Take Firm Action on Gun Control
The Hill, July 9, 2013

Members of the Congressional Black Caucus urged President Obama to take action on gun control legislation Tuesday at their first meeting with the president in more than two years. Obama "reaffirmed his commitment" to the issue during the White House meeting, one administration official said...."It's up to us; I think they [White House officials] are doing everything that they can do. It's the House that has not allowed these bills to come to the floor," said Rep. Barbara Lee.... READ MORE

Social Workers Score Farm Bill Victory Thanks to Rep. Barbara Lee
Social Justice Solutions, June 25, 2013

LeBron James and the Miami Heat were not the only team to score a significant victory last week when the Heat bested the San Antonio Spurs to win the NBA championship. Last week social workers also scored a decisive victory. Though diminutive in height compared to King James, U.S. Rep. Barbara Lee (D-CA13), chair of the Congressional Social Work Caucus, stood tall among her peers in Congress.... READ MORE

Lawmakers band together to take the food stamp challenge
MSNBC, June 17, 2013

Ahead of the House debate on a bill which would cut $20 billion in funding from food stamps, more than two dozen lawmakers are eating on a budget of just $4.50 a day. The leading Congresswoman behind the challenge, Rep. Barbara Lee, D-Calif., joins Thomas Roberts to discuss. (VIDEO) READ MORE

Barbara Lee: AUMF Was Wrong in 2001, and It's Wrong Now
U.S. News and World Report, June 17, 2013

The AUMF is an overly broad, deeply concerning law that gives any president the authority to wage war at any time, in any place, for nearly any purpose. It has reportedly been invoked dozens of times around the world, including to deploy troops in Ethiopia, Yemen and the Philippines. The law allows for a state of perpetual war, which we cannot and must not sustain. Our troops, our nation, and our reputation around the world depend on it. READ MORE

Living on $4.50 per day is not a SNAP say House Democrats, June 14, 2013

More than two dozen members of Congress are eating on a budget of $4.50 a day this week, taking the SNAP challenge to live on the average budget of a food stamp recipient. The effort is timed with debate of the House farm bill, which in its current form would cut $20 billion from the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, commonly known as food stamps. READ MORE

Congresswoman Lives On Food Stamp Budget To Protest SNAP Cuts
Talk Radio News Service, June 14, 2013

Rep. Barbara Lee (D-Calif.) is among nearly 30 members of Congress who took the SNAP Challenge this week, and are eating on a Food Stamp budget of $4.50 per day, just as the average SNAP recipient would. "Getting your budget down to $4.50 a day is complicated," said Lee during a briefing Friday. READ MORE

Continuing the global fight against AIDS
Andrea Mitchell Reports, May 28, 2013

Rep. Barbara Lee, D-Calif., talks about the 10-year anniversary of the President's Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR), a game changer in the global fight against AIDS. (VIDEO) READ MORE

In Praise of Barbara Lee
The Daily Beast, May 24, 2013

With the global war on terror officially over, it's worth recalling that she was probably the most prescient person in post-9/11 Washington, says Michael Tomasky. READ MORE

Our Moral Obligation
Huffington Post, May 22, 2013

In April, the sequester that had flown under the radar for most Americans at last entered the public spotlight. As cuts led to furloughs for air traffic controllers and other FAA personnel, flight delays frustrated passengers across the country. Congress responded by passing a bill to ease the burden on travelers, but the bill did nothing to mitigate the impact of the sequester on those .... READ MORE

After a decade, global AIDS program looks ahead
AP, May 21, 2013

..."This has been an incredible achievement," said Rep. Barbara Lee, D-Calif., a senior Congressional Black Caucus member who played major roles both in passing the original 2003 act and its 2008 renewal that significantly increased funding for AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis treatment in Africa and other areas of the developing world. READ MORE

Barbara Lee bill would push states to roll back criminal HIV laws
San Jose Mercury News, May 9, 2013

California and other states would be pressured to amend or repeal criminal laws that single out HIV-positive people under a bipartisan bill co-authored and introduced this week by Rep. Barbara Lee. Lee, D-Oakland, said 32 states and two U.S. territories have laws that criminalize exposing another person to HIV even if the virus isn't actually transmitted. And 36 states have reported at least... READ MORE

On Our Watch
Huffington Post, April 30, 2013

As we gather to mark April as Genocide Awareness month, to recognize atrocities across the world and throughout history, it's important not just to recognize the past, but to learn from it. READ MORE

Rep. Barbara Lee: Repeal AUMF to stop 'this state of perpetual war'
Raw Story, April 24, 2013

Rep. Barbara Lee on Wednesday called for the Authorization for Use of Military Force (AUMF) to be repealed. "I'm convinced that if we do not repeal this authorization to use force that I voted against in 2001, we are going to see this state of perpetual war forever," she told Current TV's John Fugelsang. (VIDEO) READ MORE

CA Democrats urge Administration to revoke Tiahrt Amendments’ funding
Hearst Washington Bureau , March 27, 2013

California Reps. Mike Honda, Barbara Lee, and Bill Moran were among 43 House Democrats who wrote the Office of Management and Budget today, requesting the exclusion of the Tiahrt Amendments from President Obama’s 2014 budget. The Tiahrt Amendments have been a hot button issue on the gun-control front, as gun control advocates say they are preventing law enforcement from combating firearms-related violence. READ MORE

California forum attendees plead for immigration reform
National Catholic Reporter, March 27, 2013

Highlights from an immigration forum at St. Elizabeth High School in Oakland. READ MORE

On DOMA, Proposition 8 & Marriage Equality
MSNBC, March 24, 2013

The Congresswoman joined a discussion on the Melissa Harris-Perry show on MSNBC to talk about marriage equality and other hot topics. (VIDEO) READ MORE

What has the real impact of the Iraq War been?
Current TV, March 19, 2013

On the 10-year anniversary of America's invasion of Iraq, Current TV's John Fugelsang talks with Rep. Barbara Lee, D-Calif., who holds the distinction of being the only member of Congress to vote against both the 2001 Authorization for Use of Military Force resolution following the Sept. 11 attacks as well as the 2002 Iraq War Resolution. (VIDEO) READ MORE

Rep. Lee commemorates 10th anniversary of 'reckless and short-sighted' Iraq war
Raw Story, March 19, 2013

Speaking on the floor of the House on Tuesday to mark the 10th anniversary of America's invasion of Iraq, Rep. Barbara Lee (D-CA) gave a somber postmortem on the war she's consistently opposed, warning her colleagues to never forget the Bush administration's tactics in the country's rush to a needless and costly slaughter. READ MORE

Once a lonely voice, Rep. Barbara Lee looks back at costs of war
SF Chronicle, March 19, 2013

On the tenth anniversary of the U.S. invasion of Iraq, there's really only one DC politician worth hearing from: Oakland's own Rep. Barbara Lee. The Democrat was the ONLY member of Congress not to authorize President George W. Bush to use force in the war on terror. READ MORE

Congresswoman Lee on Drones, AUMF, HR 198 & More
MSNBC, March 7, 2013

WATCH Rep. Barbara Lee on MSNBC's Jansing & Co. discussing drones, the Authorization for Use of Military Force., her bill HR 198 to repeal AUMF, and President Obama's nomination of John Brennan. (VIDEO) READ MORE

Section 5 of Voting Rights Act Must Be Protected
The Hill, March 5, 2013

Last weekend, I joined The Faith and Politics Institute on their annual Congressional Civil Rights pilgrimage to Alabama. I've taken this trip several times, but its significance this year could not be more poignant. While we have come a long way and much progress has been made, the many battles fought forty eight years ago in Selma are still raging, but this time we're not fighting in the streets, we're fighting in the courts. READ MORE

Sequester Threatens American Dream
Politico, February 28, 2013

This week, all eyes are on Congress. Sequester is looming, and these indiscriminate cuts would not only hurt the poor first, but hurt them the most. Nearly 50 million of our neighbors -- almost 16 million of them children -- live in poverty; in the richest nation in the world, this is deplorable, unconscionable, but above all, solvable. READ MORE

Congresswoman Lee Announces $2.5 Million Funding for HIV Services
Alameda Patch, February 22, 2013

Rep. Barbara Lee (D-Oakland) announced today that $2.5 million in federal funding has been made available for HIV services in Alameda County. The money from the Department of Health and Human Services will be used to enhance access to care for low-income individuals and families as well as strengthen strategies to reach minority populations. READ MORE

Rep. Barbara Lee Introduces Bill to Create Dept of Peacebuilding
Rockridge Patch, February 15, 2013

Congresswoman Barbara Lee on Friday introduced a new bill in the House of Representatives that would create a Cabinet-level "Department of Peacebuilding." In a press release, Lee said "peacebuilding" encompasses both activities that target the root causes of violence and broad measures used to prevent violent conflict and create sustainable peace. READ MORE

Rep. Lee: Gun victims need more than a vote on gun control
Current TV , February 13, 2013

Rep. Barbara Lee, D-Calif., talks to Current TV about the gun control comments President Obama made during his State of the Union address. Lee believes gun victims deserve not only a vote on the legislation, as Obama emphasized, but also "a call for these bills to be passed." (VIDEO) READ MORE

Congresswoman Lee on Hardball
MSNBC, February 12, 2013

"People need to be able to vote in an easy manner," said Congresswoman Barbara Lee in a special edition of Hardball after President Barack Obama's State of the Union address. (VIDEO) READ MORE

The One Deficit Reduction Plan That Would Create Jobs
Daily Kos, February 6, 2013

On Tuesday, House Progressives offered the first and only deficit reduction plan to come out of Congress so far in 2013 that would create jobs and avoid the budget sequester. Nobody has a better plan than this. Not House Republicans, not Senate Democrats, and not the president. It's sensible, responsible, and with $1.7 trillion in spending cuts and $1.7 trillion in new revenues, it's the definition of balanced. READ MORE

Rand Paul and Barbara Lee Agree: Audit the Pentagon
Politic365, February 6, 2013

On Tuesday, Rep. Barbara Lee (D-Calif.) revealed that she would be reintroducing legislation that would require an audit of the Pentagon in the 113th Congress.... ''Oftentimes my colleagues don't really realize that the Pentagon has not been audited, cannot be audited, and we need it audited," Lee said at a Capitol Hill press conference. READ MORE

Lawmakers Look to Pentagon for Budget Cuts
McClatchy Newspapers, January 28, 2013

As another debt-deal deadline looms in Congress, an unusual alliance of lawmakers has joined forces to put the Pentagon budget under greater scrutiny and to end the almost carte blanche status it enjoyed in the years after the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks. In a letter to President Barack Obama and congressional leaders, 11 Democratic and 11 Republican lawmakers asked that Defense Department spending be put squarely on the table in the coming clashes over debt reduction. READ MORE

Lee and Black Veterans Request Proclamation for Buffalo Soldier
The Washington Informer, January 24, 2013

In separate letters to President Barack Obama, the National Coalition of Black Veterans Organizations and Rep. Barbara Lee ask that during the celebration of Black History Month in February he issue a presidential proclamation that elevates legendary Buffalo Soldier Col. Charles Young to the honorary rank of Brigadier General. READ MORE

Rep. Barbara Lee Earns 100% on Humane Scorecard
Humane Society, January 17, 2013

The 2012 Humane Scorecard tracks the performance of federal lawmakers on key animal protection issues during the two-year session of the 112th Congress. READ MORE

Keep Vulnerable From Falling Off "Human Cliff"
The Oakland Post, January 3, 2013

Congresswoman Barbara Lee praised this week's Fiscal Cliff budget deal in Washington, D.C, for extending middle class tax cuts and extending Emergency Unemployment Insurance but expressed concerns about the impact of cuts on "communities of color and other vulnerable populations." "I am pleased that a budget agreement has been reached between our president and the Congress that will keep our most vulnerable from falling off the 'human cliff,'" she said. READ MORE

Incumbent Lee Seeks Re-election
The Oakland Post, November 2, 2012

East Bay Congresswoman Barbara Lee is seeking re-election on Nov. 6 to continue to serve California’s 9th district. A member of the House of Representatives since 1998, Lee has been an advocate for social and economic justice for the community. She is the first woman to represent that district. Lee was chair of the Congressional Black Caucus and co-chair of the Congressional Progressive Caucus. READ MORE

Rep. Lee Visits Cal Campus
The Daily Californian, October 27, 2012

Rep. Barbara Lee appeared at U.C. Berkeley last Thursday for a nonpartisan town hall-style meeting for students to discuss the prominent issues in the upcoming election. The event, sponsored by the ASUC, was organized by the Black Student Union, Cal Berkeley Democrats, Berkeley Political Review, ASUC Office of External Affairs and the Office of ASUC Senator Klein Lieu and was attended by about 50 students. READ MORE

Rep. G.K. Butterfield Promotes Rep. Barbara Lee for Caucus Vice Chairwoman
Roll Call, October 23, 2012

Rep. G.K. Butterfield (N.C.) said Lee would bring a much-needed woman's perspective to the leadership team should Pelosi step down. READ MORE Gives Rep. Lee a Score of 100%
The Middle Class Voter Guide, October 22, 2012

The new Middle Class Voter Guide was created to hold lawmakers accountable for their votes in Congress on the most important bills that would have helped or hurt the middle class. READ MORE

Rep. Barbara Lee Named One of the Greenest Politicians in America
The Daily Beast, October 22, 2012

Environmental caucus memberships: House Sustainable Energy and Environment Coalition; House and Senate Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Caucuses; House Oceans Caucus; Congressional International Conservation Caucus; Children's Environmental Health Caucus READ MORE

President Obama Acknowledges Rep. Barbara Lee, Other Local Leaders at San Francisco Event
San Francisco Chronicle, October 8, 2012

(President Obama) acknowledges San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee, Attorney General Kamala Harris, and Reps Barbara Lee and Pete Stark as well as San Francisco 49er quarterback Alex Smith. READ MORE

Rep. Barbara Lee Honored as "Peacemaker of the Decade" by local Peace and Justice Center
Silicon Valley Mercury News, October 3, 2012

"Lee has consistently opposed calls for military action around the world and challenges the proportion of federal revenue committed to military action, weaponry, intelligence gathering and U.S. covert operations." READ MORE

Rep. Barbara Lee Leads Voter Registration Rally in Alameda
NBC Bay Area, September 25, 2012

Dozens of people gathered in downtown Oakland where Congresswoman Barbara Lee led a Voter Registration rally outside the Alameda County Registrar of Voters. READ MORE

Rep. Barbara Lee Talks House Caucus Seat with Rep. Joe Crowley (D, NY)
Politico, September 6, 2012

"Right now we have got to focus on having a leadership team in place so we can support the president to get back on the right track." READ MORE

First Lady Strikes Personal Chord in DNC Speech
ABC 7, September 5, 2012

"I think Michelle Obama in her brilliance really laid it out" READ MORE

Transcript From Rep. Barbara Lee's DNC Speech
Bay News 9, September 5, 2012

"We believe we are bound together by a shared set of ideals and values rooted in the notion that together we can overcome the greatest challenges that come our way. We stand for an economy that's built not from the top down but from the middle out and that provides opportunity for those aspiring to join the middle class. And we make ending poverty a national priority." READ MORE

VIDEO: Rep. Barbara Lee Reflects on the Past Four Years at the DNC
The Wall Street Journal, September 4, 2012

"Our platform states that America faces a clear choice: move forward as a nation where everyone has the chance to get ahead, or go back to the same failed ideas that created the crisis in the first place. We will move forward, not backward." READ MORE

The Criminalization of HIV (and Why You Should Be Concerned)
Ebony, August 16, 2012

Rep. Barbara Lee has introduced the landmark "REPEAL HIV Discrimination Act" which calls for the review of all federal and state laws and regulations regarding "the criminal prosecution of individuals for HIV-related offenses." READ MORE

Sen. Kerry, Rep. Lee Among The Most LGBT-Supportive Congress Members
The Advocate, July 9, 2012

Democratic senators Daniel Akaka of Hawaii, John Kerry of Massachusetts, and Patty Murray of Washington and California Representative Barbara Lee are the most supportive Congress members when it comes to gay rights, according to Think Progress. READ MORE

Rep. Barbara Lee Participates in National HIV Testing Day
care2, July 4, 2012

Rep. Lee said, “Testing is one of the most crucial and effective tools we have in responding to the AIDS epidemic. The only way to eliminate stigma in our communities is by getting informed and knowing your status.” READ MORE

The 11 Most Pro-Gay U.S. Representatives
ThinkProgress, July 3, 2012

An eighth-term representative from the Bay Area, Lee authored the proposed Real Education for Healthy Youth Act of 2011 (an LGBT-inclusive sex education bill) and the Health Equity and Accountability Act of 2011 (a bill to improve tracking of health data for LGBT people and other minority groups). She is listed as a co-sponsor on 21 other proposals including measures to ban employment discrimin... READ MORE

Lee Brings $15 Million TIGER Grant for the Port Oakland
Oakland Post, July 2, 2012

Congresswoman Barbara Lee (CA-09) announced this week that the Port of Oakland will be awarded a $15 million TIGER grant by the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) to modernize the Port's ship-to-rail exchange capacity... The project will enhance the port's reputation as a shipping gateway to the Asia-Pacific by modernizing transfer infrastructure, reducing emissions and significantly increasing the port's efficiency and competitiveness. READ MORE

AIDS 2012 Pre-Conference highlights gay men, trans people
Windy City Times, June 19, 2012

Congresswoman Barbara Lee, Former High Court Judge Michael Kirby, Dr. Kevin Fenton, and Jamaican Activist Maurice Tomlinson to join more than 600 experts from around the world... READ MORE

Bay Area officials hail move by Obama to allow deferred deportation
KTVU, June 15, 2012

Obama's announcement included a call on national legislators to pass the DREAM Act, which would provide a path to citizenship for undocumented people brought to the country as a child. Obama's action could affect nearly 800,000 young immigrants, said Lee. "I will continue to fight for, and urge my colleagues to pass, the DREAM Act so that we can provide these young people who came to America and excelled the full range of opportunities they have earned." READ MORE

Lawmakers Unite in Effort to End War in Afghanistan
USA Today, June 10, 2012

"Ten years later and $533 billion spent on the war in Afghanistan, it remains clear there is no military solution," said Rep. Barbara Lee, D-Calif. "The American people have made it clear that the war is no longer worth fighting. … It is past time for our policy to catch up with the American people." READ MORE

Barbara Lee Works to Keep Benefits for the Long-Term Unemployed
Oakland Post, June 9, 2012

Lee addressed the roundtable participants, whose unemployment benefits were expiring, stating that she will continue to fight to extend their support. Lee said, “In this recovering economy, we should not be cutting benefits. Recipients need more weeks of assistance, not less.” READ MORE

Barbara Lee Wins Primary!
U.S. Congress District 13, June 6, 2012

Preliminary results from the June 5th primary election show Congresswoman Barbara Lee outpacing her opponents. Barbara Lee received 81.5% of the vote, the highest percentage posted by any Member of Congress in a competitive congressional race in California. READ MORE

Congresswoman Lee Celebrates Lifelong Clinic's $1.1 Million Grant
Oakland Post, June 2, 2012

Congresswoman Barbara Lee recently toured LifeLong Medical Care in Berkley, celebrating a $1.1 million grant the center has received under the Affordable Care Act to support an innovative program to reduce the need for emergency room and hospital visits for more than 3,200 seniors and other low-income adults with disabilities. READ MORE

House Amendment Demands Report On ‘Consequences Of A Military Strike Against Iran’
ThinkProgress, May 30, 2012

...presumptive GOP nominee Mitt Romney’s campaign attacked the administration for trying to have an honest discussion of the possible consequences of a military strike. Now, three Members of Congress — Reps. John Conyers (D-MI), Keith Ellison (D-MN), and Barbara Lee (D-CA) — are introducing an amendment to an intelligence authorization bill that would demand a government report about the possible consequences of an attack. READ MORE

Berkeley clinic lands $1 million grant to educate about health care
San Jose Mercury News, May 25, 2012

Keeping elderly and disabled people out of hospital emergency rooms for preventable ailments is the aim of a $1.1 million federal grant awarded to a Berkeley clinic as part of President Barack Obama's Affordable Care Act. U.S. Rep. Barbara Lee...attended an event at LifeLong on Friday to announce the awards. READ MORE

On Military Budgets and Spiritual Death
Huffington Post, May 23, 2012

When President Bush launched a "global war on terror" and a massive military build-up following the crimes of September 11th, few Americans questioned his response. Congressperson Barbara Lee was a lonely voice and the sole vote against the Authorization for the Use of Military Force. Last Thursday, Barbara Lee no longer stood alone, as 112 of her colleagues voted for her amendment to immediately and safely withdraw U.S. forces from Afghanistan. READ MORE

142 Defense Amendments in House
Politico, May 17, 2012

The main event: An amendment by Rep. Barbara Lee (D-Calif.) that would end the war in Afghanistan. House leaders have reserved 20 minutes for that debate - twice as long as any of the other amendments. READ MORE

The Power of a Mother - Rep. Lee Writes for HuffPo
The Huffington Post, May 8, 2012

The Huffington Post's Global Motherhood section joins Mothers Day Every Day, an initiative of the White Ribbon Alliance and CARE, in a countdown to Mother's Day. Pulling together diverse voices, Mothers Day Every Day is raising awareness and calling for greater U.S. leadership to saves the lives of moms and babies globally. I just returned from a visit to Uganda with CARE, one of the world's... READ MORE

Barbara Lee to co-chair Sudan Caucus
San Jose Mercury News, April 30, 2012

Rep. Barbara Lee is the newest of four co-chairs of the Congressional Sudan Caucus, which is still trying to draw more attention to the ongoing humanitarian disaster in that African nation. READ MORE

The GOP's attack on food stamps
MSNBC, April 17, 2012

"Food stamps provide that bridge over trouble do you pay down the deficit? ... Do you try to have a budget that's balanced on the backs of the poor, and senior citizens, and children...or do you come forward with some tax fairness...?" READ MORE

Oikos officials remember victims of mass shooting
KTVU, April 10, 2012

Congresswoman Barbara Lee, D-Oakland, told the crowd, "I hope you understand that we support you during this difficult process. I know the grieving will continue and my office stands ready to support you." READ MORE

Supreme Court Hears 'Obamacare' Arguments
The Final Call, April 5, 2012

"You have to be optimistic about this," Rep. Barbara Lee (D-Calif.) said about the upcoming Supreme Court decision in response to a question from The Final Call on a conference call. "I have to be optimistic about this that the Supreme Court is not going to rule against the Affordable Care Act." READ MORE

Rally protests federal raid on Oakland pot trade school
Los Angeles Times, April 4, 2012

U.S. Rep. Barbara Lee (D-Oakland) said the raids caused her concern. "After the people of the state of California voted to make medicinal cannabis legal, thousands of small businesses have invested millions of dollars in building their businesses, created good-paying jobs and paid millions in taxes..." READ MORE

Oakland's Head Start Receives Federal Grant
Oakland Tribune, April 3, 2012

In a prepared statement, Lee said, "This funding ensures that Oakland's Head Start program will continue to provide services to low-income students and their families throughout the city." READ MORE

Michelle Obama headlines S.F. fundraiser
San Francisco Chronicle, March 30, 2012

She connects with others because "she looks people in the eye, she smiles and she responds," said Rep. Barbara Lee, D-Oakland, who has known her for a decade. READ MORE

Rep. Barbara Lee Speaks Out on Trayvon Martin Death
Piedmont Patch, March 27, 2012

"This is a defining moment where we really have to begin to deal with some of the very ugly issues that continue to be swept under the rug," said Lee. READ MORE

Two years later: What we learned from healthcare reform
The Hill, March 26, 2012

Anton Saleh is 16 years old and is living with stage 2B cancer. Anton must take 4 prescription pills each night to keep his cancer at bay pills that cost about $5,000 a month, totaling nearly $60,000 a year. READ MORE

Barbara Lee Pushes to End U.S.-Iran Silent Treatment
Huffington Post, March 23, 2012

...a commonsense and long overdue proposal has been introduced in Congress by Rep. Barbara Lee (D-CA) and nine other Representatives to dispense with the absurd "no contact" policy on the U.S. side. The bill, the Prevent Iran from Acquiring Nuclear Weapons and Stop War Through Diplomacy Act (H.R.4173) would finally lift the ban on talking to Iran. READ MORE

Group Identifies Simple Solution for Vexing I.D. Problem
Courier Press, March 13, 2012

According to Rep. Barbara Lee, D-Calif., pro-photo ID Republicans are "turning the clock back to the days of Jim Crow." READ MORE

House Democrats Aim to Force Obama into Diplomacy with Iran
The Hill, March 9, 2012

"While the Obama administration has rejected failed policies of the past by engaging in negotiations with Iran without preconditions, only four of such meetings have occurred," the bill says. READ MORE

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